Non-resident Iranian Experts and Entrepreneurs; 139 startups Are Established in the Field of Advanced Technologies

Today, 139 Iranian new companies have been established by more than 300 Iranian experts in the field of advanced technologies. These companies have been created by a program of cooperation with non-resident Iranian experts and entrepreneurs. New companies have been established in areas of advanced technologies, such as information technology, stem cells, biotechnology, nanotechnology and cognitive sciences.

Non-resident Iranian Experts and Entrepreneurs; 139 startups Are Established in the Field of Advanced Technologies

 These companies have been established as startups in innovation and accelerator centers, technology parks and universities, and have grown after receiving material and spiritual support from the Vice President for Science and Technology and venture capitalists.

“Facilitating communication with relevant research and industrial centers and organizations”, “providing a location by a specialized partner base at the request of the applicant and providing business development consulting services”, “providing lab equipment and facilities”, and “investment by the cooperative specialized headquarter” are among the support provided by the center for international science and technology cooperation.

The program has targeted non-resident Iranian experts with an experience of working in technological companies in other countries. Those who work as experts, consultants, R&D researchers, and the director of one of the country's leading scientific, technological, research, and industrial indicators or companies can take advantage of these facilities. In addition, people with business startup experience are also included.

The final selection of eligible candidates will be made by a partner based on the background, abilities, and technology business plan.

The program aims to "use the scientific and professional capacity of Iranian specialists abroad in scientific, technological and industrial centers of the country", "improve the scientific and professional level of the partner specialized base", "provide suitable conditions for the development of emerging and advanced technologies in the country." and "create conditions for the transfer of new service skills, methods, and capabilities by Iranian specialists abroad".

A report by the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs