The Main Objectives of The Headquarters

Reforming the economic and scientific culture of the society as a basic infrastructure and an obligation for the success of the country in the field of knowledge-based economy and achieving the system's goals in the field of transition from oil economy to knowledge-based economy and realization of resistance economy

Objectives of The Knowledge-Based Economy Culture Headquarters:

  • Awareness of economic and executive managers, scientific elites and members of society about the necessities, achievements and requirements for the realization of knowledge-based economy and the challenges of continuing the oil-based economy based on underground resources
  • Explain the main concepts of knowledge-based economy and the discourse of science and technology in society) human capital, creativity, problem solving and core needs, etc.)
  • Introducing opportunities for knowledge-based economics for managers, youth and families
  • Orienting the society's view from the culture of employees and the culture of consumption to the culture of entrepreneurship and production
  • Change in ecosystems of organizations, research centers and industries in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and the knowledge-based companies with added value
  • Changes in entrepreneurial skills and behavior and empowerment of university graduates and orientation of adolescents and young people to enter the space of creativity and innovation