Development of economic and cultural infrastructure, reform of consumption pattern, change of lifestyle, support of domestic production, attention to production quality and other economic, cultural, and political areas of the country will not be possible without intelligent participation and cooperation of people and elites. In today's world, the development of economic and cultural policies is primarily the responsibility of the media and discourse-building tools. A look at the volume of satellite and digital communication networks in the world shows a purposeful, planned, and intelligent effort in the world to promote the dominant world discourses. In other words, without the participation of the community, changing economic policies will be difficult and costly. This can be seen by reviewing the various economic activities of the country and the reasons for its lack of progress .Public participation in each activity requires a full explanation of activity in the body, and this explanation, meets the culture that formed the base "  knowledge-based economy culture headquarter " . A review of recent statements by Supreme Leader in these years shows that from his perspective, the major objectives of the Islamic Republic only way to become adialogue” are being met . The emphasis can also be seen in the announcement of the policies for the resistance economy. In principle, the economic or political development of a country is not possible without considering its cultural concepts and cultural foundationsPerhaps the most important factor in scientific and technological progress in the country is the culture of the principles of knowledge-based economy among officials and peopleDiscourse building is a process that takes place with the knowledge of the target community and the use of media and education tools and is often time consumingThe main burden of discourse is also borne by various media.

Briefly, the headquarters aimed to:

Achieving the goals of the Islamic Republic of Iran in getting the highest position of science and technology in the region, the transition from an economy-based on underground resources to a knowledge-based economy requires change based on intellectual and human capital, which has always been emphasized by the Supreme Leader. It is fundamental in all economic, cultural, and social structures. Among these, the development of knowledge-based culture and the modification of behavioral patterns at various cultural and social levels is of particular importance. »

Therefore, according to the missions of the Vice-Presidency of Science and Technology, it is necessary to establish a specialized headquarters to make policy, lead and support cultural promotional activities in the field of science, technology, and innovation in order to use the capacities of the Vice-Presidency and related agencies. Elite culture in shaping this cultural change and its impact is successful on entrepreneurial innovation and the knowledge economy in the country.”