Parviz karami
Secretary of Knowledge-Based Knowledge Culture Headquarters


Executive and administrative records:

  • Deputy Manager of Educational and Cultural in National Youth Organization
  • Advisor of minister and general director in Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
  • Executive Advisor to the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance
  • Member of Staff Council in development of soft technologies and identity assistance in Science and Technology of president
  • Member of the Council of National Elite Foundation
  • Advisor of Minister and general director of Public and International Relationships in Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance
  • Assistant of advertising and publications of the institute for Published works of the Supreme Leader
  • Advisor of President and Director of Public Relations and Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality
  • Advisor to the Chairman of the National Elites Foundation and head of Public relations and Information Center of National Elites Foundation
  • Director of Public Relations of the Oppressed and Veterans Foundation of Islamic Revolution (Department of Veterans)
  • Assembly member and chairman of tourism association and car racing of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Special and authoritative representative for the minister of culture and Islamic guidance on anti-drug campaign
  • Authoritative representative for the minister of culture and Islamic guidance in the campaign to combat smuggling


Media and press experiences:

  • Chief and editor in Javan Newspaper
  • chairman ( CEO) and editor of the Borna’s broadcasting
  • Vice chairman of Hamshahri newspaper and editor of Iranshahr
  • Council policy of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA)
  • Manager of Innovation and Technology Magazine
  • Manager for specialized magazine of Daneshbonyan
  • Editor and chairman of the policy council of the specialized monthly scientific and analytical news of the National Elites Foundation "Saramad"
  • Member of committee ranking of professional journalists
  • Manager of art news( Honar online)


Membership in Groups and Guilds:

  • The head of the Board of community of Iran Public Relations activists
  • Member of the board of experts in public relations
  • Board Member of the Association of Muslim Journalists
  • Commissioner of the Coordinating Council of the Islamic Development Plan
  • Member of Iran’s Society of Public Relations
  • General Secretary of the National Festival of Media, Science and Technology
  • Member of Policy making Council of Digital Media Festival (4 periods)
  • Member of the Association of Iranian Journalists

Phone: +9821-88608645

Fax: +9821-88612403