Introducing the Entrepreneurial Awards of the National Elites Foundation; Karami: “The Foundation” Has Reinforced and Paved the Elite Path of Top Talents

“Shahid Babaei Project” is unveiled. This project is designed to support problem-based competitive events and has taken a step toward the support of top talents in the elite path. The advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs considered this project and various awards of the national elites foundation an effective step toward the support of top talents in the path of becoming an elite and creating jobs for others.

Hasan Salarieh, deputy of future making of the national elites foundation, attended the ceremony. Supporting the holding of problem-based competitive events in the country is one of the measures taken by the national elites foundation and the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs. In this regard, the statute of “supporting problem-based competitive events” was designed and called “Shahid Babaei” project as an event to commemorate the memory of Brigadier-General Abbas Babaei.

Synergy and Culture Building to Introduce the Foundation's Programs

Parviz Karami, the advisor to the president of the national elites foundation, appreciated the media activists in the support of synergy and culture building to introduce various programs of the national elites foundation, stating: the foundation strives to be more active than ever in the past through synergies with the media to raise awareness and inform its support programs.

The secretary of the headquarters for culture knowledge-based economy talked about the support programs and different awards of the national elites foundation for elites and top talents, adding: in order to implement the country's strategic document in the affairs of the elites, the foundation carries out various activities, such as coordination, policy-making and carrying out national actions with various institutions and organizations in this field.

Extensive and Diverse Activities

He continued: extensive and diverse activities in the two areas of student and graduate (post-student) are two important parts of the foundation's activities that facilities and support are defined in the form of providing various prizes for students. To develop activities in the field of talent development along with identifying them, the elites in these challenges are encouraged to see better and become entrepreneurs.

Karami mentioned that the national elites foundation teaches necessary skills and group work to top talents, adding: helping the elite to attend training and teamwork is another action taken by the foundation.

In addition, steps are taken to solve the problems of the country using the abilities of top talents. In fact, the foundation has actively participated in the implementation of programs in addition to focusing on the chain of problem solving by top talents and elites.

The president of the information and communications center of the Vice-Presidency asserted: this set of actions is accompanied and overlapped by holding various events. Ahmadi Roshan Prize is one of these programs that is given to BSc to PhD students. In this project, with the help of the students under the auspices of the foundation and together with the professors and organizations with problems, a problem-oriented work project is defined and steps are taken towards its realization within nine months.

Regarding the process of this action, he marked: professors present their project in the related system and students supported by the foundation refer to the system and form their teams to implement the project. Therefore, in the form of this project, in addition to increasing skills, teamwork and necessary training, a need of the country will also be met.

Karami talked about other awards of the foundation, stating: Shahid Tehrani Moghadam Prize is another supportive measure taken by the foundation. In the form of this project, the human resources required by knowledge-based companies will be supplied.

According to Karami, other awards of the foundation such as Shahid Shahriari, Shahid Ahadi, and Shahid Chamran are provided to attract faculty, to be accepted in a PhD course without taking an elite test, and for post-doctoral students, respectively.

In addition, Shahid Sayad Shirazi project is held to provide services to elite students to pass their conscription period in knowledge-based companies.

The advisor to the president of the national elites foundation continued: of course, in addition to student facilities, there is another award for discussing inventions. By visiting the foundation's website and the Sina system, inventors can be evaluated by the foundation's support for applied and commercially available inventions by the Pardis Technology Park and have one of three levels of support.

In addition, Rah Neshan National Competitions were introduced in the presence of Hassan Salarieh. The third round of the event will be held by Rezvan Sharif Institution and with the support of the national elites foundation.

The purpose of this event is to identify talented students, empower them around industrial issues, team them up and connect them to technology collections. In this course, students will form competitive teams in the fields of "water and environment", "intelligence", "transportation", "energy" and "biotechnology", and in the end, the selected teams can benefit from the special benefits of the chosen ones of Shahid Babaei Project.

A report by the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs