Infographic: From Iron Chariots to Giant Wagons

Rail transport is one of the most practical types of transport in the world. An almost old generation of the relocation industry that entered urban life.

Infographic: From Iron Chariots to Giant Wagons

Railways were the first generation of this type of transportation that had a different shape and image from today's trains that connected Tehran to the city of Rey.

Statistics show that Iran has 10,460 kilometers of railway line and this amount has been built over 100 years. Iran has a unique geographical location. As Europe's best way to connect to the Far East, this could be the best excuse for the country's growth and development.

Obviously, achieving this goal has a long way to go, which can only be achieved with the cooperation and synergy of the public and private sectors. The presence of knowledge-based people also helps this industry to be able to develop faster and more confidently.

This infographic is a small image of the railway industry innovation and technology ecosystem of the country.

A report by the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs